How to Have a Great Basketball Workout

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If you are a basketball player, you know that you basketball workout should be the best that you can get. Having the best workout will assure you and your coaches that you are at the best of your ability. Basketball workouts will not only ensure that you are working to the best but also that you are working to get better each and every day. Knowing the basics of a great basketball training session will help you to know what you should be doing during your basketball training.

• Never train for more than eight hours a week.
• Make sure that you have at least an hour on the court and at least 45 minutes in the weight room.
• Have a great support system made up of your coaches, basketball peers, and family.
• Make sure that you concentrate during your basketball workout.
• Always strive to do better in your basketball workout.

Weight Room and Basketball Workouts
Years ago many coaches did not believe that a weight room could help their players that played basketball. They did not see the point of adding weight lifting to the basketball workout. Many did not think that weight training would be beneficial to those who were playing the sport of basketball. These coaches missed out on the perfect opportunity to help train their players. Going to the weight room and lifting weights can help a basketball player increase his strength in his legs and his upper torso. Lifting weights and doing other weight room activities also help to increase a player’s attention span and awareness. When having weight training during basketball workouts, it is important to do different exercises such as squats, dead lifts, chin-ups, split squats, and dumbbell presses. Always go into the weight room with the intention of lifting more weights and doing more repetitions instead of the same amount you did the day before.

Mental Health and Basketball
You are probably asking yourself how mental health and basketball go together. It is quite easy to figure out if you think about it. A player who is at a basketball training session could be distracted or go in with the wrong mental attitude and totally miss what he or she is supposed to practice for that day. A player may come in with the attitude that he or she did 20 basketball throws the day before and they will do 40 today. This mentality is wrong and often lands players in trouble when it comes to the game. When throwing the ball do not think of how many baskets you can get, think of how good you can make each throw. The better you can throw, the better your game will be. Always concentrate on doing your best and not how many baskets you can complete in one day.